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Festivus, the Holiday for the Rest of Us
- the Celebration about nothing.

Many of our visitors have asked what Festivus is all about since we've been known to wish a Happy Festivus. We thought everyone knew about Festivus from Seinfeld, but I guess not. It has developed a sizable cult following that seems to be growing each year. December 23rd is the official/unofficial start date for Festivus and it ends sometime in May (or, when it fizzles out). It appeals to the modern day cynicism and frustration with the overcommercialism of traditional holidays. It isn't meant to supplant these holidays (although, for some it does), just stand as a the anti-holiday Holiday. Don't get us wrong, we celebrate CHRISTmas to the fullest and enjoy both the deep CHRISTian significance of this day and the modern tradtions. Festivus allows for the cynicism of the season to have an outlet.

Fewer know the true history of Festivus and Dan O'Keefe family. You'll have to buy Daniel O'Keefe's Festivus Bookif you really want to know more.

We've added a few links above to Wikipedia and where you can find Festivus Poles to help explain. The Wikipedia article is pretty informative. We recommend starting there. as we have time, we'll add out own thoughts and research on this interesting new American holiday. We are working to set up a Festivus Party Search to help you find Festivus parties near you.

Home of the Original DeskivusTM - a true Festivus Miracle

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Click on the video above to watch segments of
"The Strike" episode of Seinfeld (Festivus episode)
Don't Celebrate FESTIVUS
without the

One and Only Official DeskivusTM

Ah Festivus... the "non-holiday" Holiday that gets the blood pumping and makes you feel truly ALIVE...
if that's how you choose to embrace it, that is. For some it is quiet celebration, for others a day filled with emotional outbursts, either way, it's up to you. There is no right or wrong in celebrating Festivus, as it is a season that can be celebrated nearly any way you choose, as long as the key elements are included:

• The Unadorned Aluminum Pole
(Many prefer our portable
DeskivusTM to serve this need)
• Observing The "Feats of Strength"
• The Traditional Festivus Meal
• And Don't Forget the all important -
The "Airing of Grievances"

• If you are lucky, maybe you'll even
experience a Festivus Miracle!

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