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What is Festivus?
The term "Festivus" has been used for various holidays since the Roman times. In recent times, it was introduced to the masses on December 18, 1997 during "The Strike" episode of the NBC TV series Seinfeld. Daniel O'Keefe, Sr., a writer for Reader's Digest created the modern holiday and has celebrated it with his family since the early 1960's. His son, Daniel O'Keefe, Jr., a writer for the Seinfeld series, introduced the concept in the episode with a feew modifications to his family's traditions.

The spirit of Festivus has caught on, and Festivus parties are now held throughout the world. Each person can develp his or her own traditions and establish the level of formality to observe. This website contains many of the widely accepted Festivus traditions as outlined by Seinfeldology. We have researched Festivus, reading any and all materials at our disposal, and this is a collection of our discoveries.

To learn more about Festivus, you may want to read what wikipedia has posted:

It is in the spirit of Festivus that we have developed "the Original DeskivusTM" and the "DeskivusTM Accessories". Festivus has infected us t our core and we are continually developing New DeskivusTM Accessories in addition to New Perspectives of observing the "Holiday About Nothing/"

When is Festivus Celebrated?
EThe original O'Keefe celebration was a foating annual hoiday observed some time between the months of December and May. In "The Strike" episode of Seinfeld, the holiday was observed on December 23rd, as Frank Costanza declared, "this date was chosen to get a leg up on the competition."

Where is Festivus Celebrated?
Festivus can be celebrated anywhere. Much like the Spirit of Christmas, Festivus is as much a mindset as it is a time to gather with those friends and family members that wish to share a meal, good times and a few grievances...

The DeskivusTM enables you to celebrate the holiday anywhere, anytime. If you want to brighten an office, a dorm room, a storefront, a coffee table or your cubicle with the Spirit of Festivus, then the DeskivusTM is Just What You Are Looking For! It is a portable symbol of the season.

How is Festivus Celebrated?
Festivus Decorations - Minimal decorations are required. An unadorned aluminum pole is the focal point of the decoration (thus, the DeskivusTM). Size of the pole is not standardized. The pole was added to the tradition in "The Strike" Episode.

Traditional Festivus Meal - On "The Strike" it appears that the Costanzas serve a meatloaf and spaghetti dinner. Various "official" foods have been proposed. We suggest a favorite food. It should be neither fancy nor elaborate; we have suggested Festivus Recipes for both food and beverages on this site. The O'Keefe's often served turkey, as it was affordable and yet somewhat special.

Traditional Festivus Activities
The Airing of Grievances - This is a key event which takes place around the table during the meal. This is the time to state all the ways that people have disappointed you over the past year. Many celebrants have chosen to make this a general statement of complaint, so that the party does not digress into an all-out brawl of insulted party attendees. (FYI Each DeskivusTM has a pack of our Airing of Grievance Sticky Notes for use in sharing your disappointments. You may choose to post them on the DeskivusTM case, the forehead of the disappointer or anywhere you choose. (We do not recommend using the "Airing of Grievances" notes on correspondence with your employer, unless you have another job lined up.)

Feats of Strength - No Festivus celebration is complete until the head of the household is pinned to the floor! We recommend a morre civil celebration by having a thumb wrestling contest. Official DeskivusTM thumb wrestling rings will be available for Purchase in the Fall of 2009 for the Holiday Season.

The Festivus Miracle - Another tradition that was also born out of "The Strike" was the addition of the "Festivus Miracle." A Festivus Miracle is declared hen a seemingly coincidental event occurs that is beneficial to one person or group, but not necessarrily beneficial to another. When the event occurs, a celebrant Must declare "It's a Festivus Miracle!!!" In true party form, it has been suggested that everyone must take a drink when a Festivus Miracle has been declared.

Who Normally Celebrates Festivus?
Everyone who wants to make a statement about the over-commercialization of the holidays. Festivus is a non-religious, non-ethnic, non-holiday holiday. Festivus is not anti-religious, in fact, the creators of the DeskivusTM celebrate a family-oriented, God-centereed Christmas (proudly giving the gift of DeskivusTM to friends and family).

Why Should I Celebrate Festivus?
EAre you tired of the stress of the holidays? Are you annoyed and offended with the gross over-commercialization of the holiday season? Festivus allows you to celebrate a holiday with "No Meaning," in any way that you choose, at any level that you choose. Many folks use their DeskivusTM to celebrate Festivus in 1 minute portable parties throughout the year. (as an escape from the day to day monotony)

We trust that the DeskivusTM will add to your joy throughout the entire year. Since Festivus is a floating holiday, you can, at any moment, tap into your Festivus Spirit, enjoy a "Festivus Miaracle" and "Air a few Grievances" as you celebrate with family, friends and even co-workers. You will be the Envy of the Office each time you Break out your Festivus Spirit with the One and Only DeskivusTM.

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