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DeskivusTM are available exclusively from Creative Labworks, Inc.
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festivus deskivus minimus
festivus deskivus maximus
The Deskivus(TM) Minimus

For the "Purist" we have developed the portable, simple Classic Deskivus(TM). The product that we fondly call the Deskivus(TM) Minimus, enables you to Celebrate Festivus with the most simple unadorned Deskivus(TM).

The Deskivus(TM) Maximus

Whether you choose to celebrate Festivus with the Deskivus(TM) Minimus, or you choose the slightly more polished Deluxe Deskivus(TM), (the product that we call the Deskivus(TM) Maximus) to adorn your cubicle, your coworkers will appreciate your Festivus holiday spirit.

festivus deskivus ultimus
The Deskivus(TM) Ultimus

If however, you desire to have the Ultimate Festivus Party Celebration, you will want to consider the top of the line Deskivus(TM) Ultimate (Deskivus(TM) Ultimus) which includes battery powered spotlight to proudly highlight the unadorned aluminum pole for all to see. The miniature spotlight casts a lively glow on the holiday symbol we have all grown to love! Your coworkers will envy your Festivus Spirit!

Each Official Deskivus(TM) ships with our Deskivus(TM) Festivus booklet and a pack of our "Airing of Grievances" Sticky Notes to assist you in telling all your friends, family and co-workers how they have disappointed you over the past year.

The Deskivus(TM) Cubivus

The Deskivus(TM) Cubivus Sticky Notes with
a Festivus Flare!!! Immediately transform any desk or cubicle into "Festivus Party Central". With this Useful Cube of Deskivus Sticky Notes, you can Celebrate Festivus with each sheet you use. You will be spreading your Festivus Cheer to all who see your notes. Prepare to be popular, as you share your Festivus Spirit with this delightful, useful Deskivus Accessory.

This Cube is 3" x 3" x 3", each sheet of paper is imprinted with "Celebrating Festivus (the holiday for the rest of us)." Your Deskivus Pole (mini Festivus-for-the-Desk) will always be easily visible, your coworkers will be jealous. Makes a Great Gift for True Festivus Fans, and work-a-holics alike.

Each Deskivus(TM) comes with a 12 page booklet that explains Festivus as we know it, as well as define it's True origins. A pack of Airing of Grievance sticky notes is also included to assist you in sharing all your disappointments with those you know and love.
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