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enVision 2000 Groundwater Model in Use

Build Your Own Groundwater Simulator Kit

Envisioning the World Around Us


EnVision Environmental Education is proud to introduce the Build Your Own Groundwater Simulator Kit #1. This Kit is designed specifically for science clubs, earth science classes or as a science project on groundwater and groundwater contamination. Kit contains all the parts shown in the photos above and listed below. Due to shipping restrictions, you must supply your own 10-gallon aquarium and sealant (aquarium glue or silicone sealant). Both of these items are readily available at large department stores, home improvement stores or local pet stores. Finished product is a basic groundwater flow model with recirculating pump, including 4 wells, sand and clay layers and a cross-section of a lake or stream. Instruction manual includes some basic experiments and calculations. Kit should be used under adult supervision and will need approximately 24 hours of drying time between initial assembly of aquarium and acrylic (with sealant) and the second phase of adding sand and clay.

Kit#1 includes:

Acrylic sheet A with pre-drilled holes
Acrylic sheet B
4 lengths of "well" tubing (EnVision exclusive "D" shaped tubing)
4 well tubing inserts
2 mesh squares
coarse sand
medium sand
fine sand
granulated clay
wood stick
simulated "vegetative" strip
rubber stopper
aquarium pump
EnVision red dye
EnVision accessories:
needleless syring with tubing
disposable pipettes
large rubber band
instruction manual with photos of assembly stages
video demonstrating assembly

Additional Equipment/Tools NOT included that may be necessary for construction:

- 10 gallon aquarium
- glass glue/sealant

- needle nose pliers
- yardstick or tape measure
- carpenter's square
- caulking gun (if silicone sealant in caulking tube used)
- fine saw or razor knife

For more information:

EnVision Environmental Education
c/o Creative Labworks, Inc.
P.O. Box 146
New Wilmington, PA 16142
Phone: 877-804-1431 (724-667-4093)
FAX: 724-667-4095

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