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Envision Environmental Education

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Envision 2000 Groundwater Sand Tank Model in Use
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About Our Company and Products



Envision Environmental Education manufacturers environmental education products that allow visualization of complex scientific concepts. Our design team has been developing and operating groundwater simulators for almost 20 years. Our primary focus is the field of geology - although future projects will expand into other scientific fields. Envision is proud to manufacturer the most advanced and most preferred visual simulators of groundwater flow available.  Great for educators, students, watershed organizations, drinking water suppliers, geologists, engineers and other groups involved in training or educational outreach on groundwater issues. 

   The model is a hands-on visual aid that takes difficult groundwater concepts and makes them understandable for all ages. The model is appropriate for grade schools, high schools, colleges and adult groups.  It is an excellent resource for schools using any water education curriculum. Anyone with a general understanding of groundwater can give a presentation with the model.  For schools, the instruction manual includes basic laboratory experiments to use with the simulator.

   All our models are designed to demonstrate a complete water cycle by recycling the water via a pump mechanism through the model. This allows the user to avoid the difficulty of emptying and refilling the model during or between presentations as is necessary with other simulators. During normal operations, the model may be used for 4 or more concurrent presentations before it is necessary to change the water.  All models (simulators) come with a detailed instruction manual and accessories necessary for basic or in-depth presentations.  Additional accessories and lab kits are available for specific presentations.

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Envision Environmental Education
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