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Envision Environmental Education

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Manufacturer of Environmental Education Products and Groundwater Flow Models

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Envison 2000 Groundwater Model or Simulator
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Envision 2000 Model

--Sand and Gravel Aquifer

Envision 2000 -Sand & Gravel Aquifer Model
(Item #2000)

            This simulator shows groundwater flow and contamination in sand and gravel aquifers typical of valley fill and/or glacial-deposit geologic settings.  The simulator shows the interaction between wells in unconfined and semi-confined aquifers, including interaction between ground and surface waters.  Wells are located at varying depths to simulate the various types of wells in use from a shallow homeowner well in an unconfined aquifer to a deep commercial well cased to a semi-confined aquifer.  Contamination plume flow is accurately simulated showing how some wells can become contaminated while others not contaminated.
Model is 19.5 long x 12 in high x 8 in deep, is fully assembled, and comes with all the standard accessories needed for operation.

Key Features of Envision  2000 Model

  • 8 wells (including 2 artesian wells)
  • 2 springs
  • Lake
  • Stream/Ocean
  • Septic System
  • Sand & Gravel Aquifer
  • Confined Aquifer
  • Unconfined Aquifer
  • Underground Storage Tank
  • Aquitard
  • Recharge & Discharge Areas
  • Recirculating Reservoir and Tank system
  • Manual pumping mechanisms simulating high and low volume well pumps
  • Top display showing watershed/surface activities
  • AC/DC power supply
    Detailed instruction manual with experiments


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