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Punxsutawney Custom Water Cycle Model with Groundwater Flow

Punxsutawney Water Cycle Model in display at Weather Center

Envision Custom Models - Punxsutawney Weather Center

This 3 foot tall by 5 foot wide by 3.25 inches deep custom Water Cycle Model with groundwater flow was developed for the Punxsutawney Weather Center. Model was designed to fit into a wall display, although a custom wood display unit was later designed for the exhibit by the Weather Center. Model includes a hidden pump that when activated, rain falls from the "clouds" at the top of the Model. Rain either infiltrates the ground or enters the central River and Lake through surface run-off. Groundwater flows into the River at the center of the Model. Valves and tubes recirculate the water through the Model. Although difficult to see in these photos, the interior of the Model is decorated with miniature trees, bushes, figurines, road with cars and a water tank to simulate surface activities. Wells are also included to show groundwater levels rising and falling.

   Envision has the capability of producing standard sized groundwater models that represent your local geology or groundwater flow characteristics.  Custom models typically cost over $1000.00 to produce, but can be an excellent education tool for local groups. Museum sized models have a large range of prices starting over $6000, based on size and complexity.   To manufacturer custom models, the buyer will need to provide information to Envision, including a cross-sectional diagram of the local geology and hydrogeologic flow patterns.  Our designer will work with the buyer to produce a model that realistically represents the requested geographic location or geologic setting. 

   If you would like additional information on custom models, contact our distributor at  Please, include the following e-mail title "Custom Model Information Request" and include your contact information.  Also, be sure to include reference to the geographic area or geologic setting that the custom model will represent.  (e.g. Northeast New Hampshire or glacial valley fill aquifer underlined by bedrock)

Current and Past Projects include:

    - abandoned oil/gas wells with decaying casing causing leakage of brine water into fresh water supplies
    - groundwater divide model
    - oversized museum models
    - minor customization of E3000 and E2000 models to simulate local conditions - click here to see an example

To contact us:

Envision Environmental Education
c/o Creative Labworks, Inc.
P.O. Box 146
New Wilmington, PA 16142
Phone: 877-804-1431
FAX: 724-667-4095


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