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Latest News from EnVision

Recent Custom Simulator Products (2008-2009)

  • Edwards Aquifer Custom Simulator - A tabletop simulator that represents the Edwards Aquifer in Texas. Designed by EnVision with guidance from the Edwards Aquifer Authority, this simulator is approxmately 3 foot long by 2 foot high. Unique in that it represents a karst aquifer with large solution channels and quick movement of ground water. - click here for photos -
  • Impression 5 Interactive Groundwater Exhibit - Lansing, Michigan - designed and built in partnership with Lansing Board of Water and Light and Impression 5 Science Center. This simulator is over 6 feet long and 4 feet high and is a general representation of the Saginaw Aquifer in the Lansing area (total exhibit is over 8 foot x 6 foot). It includes 7 contamination points - user button activated, Rain Garden, stormwater pipe, 6 pumping wells. User selects well and rotates handle to pump well. Surface has representative buildings from downtown Lansing, suburban buildings and rural buildings. Other unique featurs include an upper unconfined aquifer that discharges at the central River, while the lower semi-confined aquifer travels the length of the simulator from left to a right side discharge. It also has an improperly abandoned well that leaks contaminant from a septic system to the lower semi-confined aquifer. - click here for photos - (to be uploaded soon)
  • Science North Interactive Ground Water Traveling Exhibit - Sudsbury, Canada - designed and built by EnVision with guidance from the Science North exhibit team. This exhibit is part of the Science North WaterWorks traveling exhibit (North America). This simulator is approximately 5 foot long x 4 feet high and has a general gravel aquifer that discharges to a central River. User interface is divided into right and left panels that allow the user to interact with that side of the simulator. User interactions include dye contaminate injection points, well selector knob and rotating handle to pump wells. Much of the well tubing is exposed clear PVC which allows the users to see the water travel from the wells, down the sides of the exhibit and discharge to a central drain (tanks hidden). Surface is generalized rural landscape with trees and animals. Exhibit consists of a steel framework with laminated wood panels to match other exhibits in WaterWorks. - click here for photos - (to be uploaded soon)

EnVision products outlet store opened by Creative Labworks, Inc.. - click here to see if anything is currently offered in the outlet -
The outlet store will occassionally offer not-quite perfect simulators at a discount. These are properly functioning simulators with all the standard accessories, but have a defect or repair. Prototypes of custom simulators will also be offered when available.

EnVision Septic System Simulator to be Released (5/16/05) - click here for more info -

The EnVision Septic System Simulator will be available for order on May 16, 2005. This Simulator represents a cross-section of a conventional septic system showing the septic tank, non-perforated pipe, distribution box and perforated pipe. Dye can be injected into the Simulator and show how it flows through a septic system and into the ground. Simulator also includes 2 monitoring wells, an aquitard separating the unsatured zone and groundwater.

Build Your Own Groundwater Model Kit to be Released (5/16/05) - click here for more info -

Due to the increasing interest and demand from science clubs and similar organizations for a groundwater education project, EnVision has developed an inexpensive educational model kit. This Kit has all the parts necessary to build a basic groundwater flow model using your 10-gallon aquarium and silicone sealant (aquarium and sealant NOT included in Kit due to shipping restrictions). This Kit will be available for order on May 16, 2005.

enVision Density Demonstration Kit Released

The Density Demonstration Kit can be used with an enVision Groundwater Simulator or as a stand-alone demonstration. A great addition to your presentation.

Envision Rainmaker Released

The latest addition to the Envision Groundwater Model accessories - The Rainmaker 1000!!!! The Rainmaker is designed to operate with an Envision 2000 or 3000 Groundwater Model. It is also designed to fit simulators manufactured by Fisher Scientific, Crystal Scientific and Western Group. The Rainmaker is placed on top of the Model or Simulator and can be operated in various modes - for the complete water-cycle demonstration. To see photos of the Rainmaker in use - click here

Creative Labworks, Inc. to market and distribute Envision products

Envision Environmental Education has partnered with Creative Labworks, Inc to market our products. This includes handling all inquiries, processing orders and distribution. This partnership allows us to focus on new product design and manufacturing.

To contact us:

Envision Environmental Education
c/o Creative Labworks, Inc.
P.O. Box 146
New Wilmington, PA 16142
Phone: 877-804-1431
FAX: 724-667-4095


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