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Envision Environmental Education


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Manufacturer of Environmental Education Products and Groundwater Flow Models

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Envison 2000 Groundwater Model or Simulator
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enVision Groundwater Simulators -
Standard Accessories

The following accessories come standard with every enVision Groundwater Simulator:

- Instructor's Manual
- Aquarium Pump
- valve turner
- 2-liter bottle (for using the model without electric)
- 4 colors of dye (4 oz red, 2 oz each of blue, green and purple)
- syringe pump assembly & suction cup (simulate high volume pumping wells)
- plastic pipettes
- drain tubing
- colored plastic string (3 pieces)
- large siphon bottle (for simulating low volume pumping wells)
- 250 ml wash bottle
- video on how to use the groundwater simulator

To contact us:

Envision Environmental Education
c/o Creative Labworks, Inc.
P.O. Box 146
New Wilmington, PA 16142
Phone: 877-804-1431
FAX: 724-667-4095


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