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Jordan Board GamesGod Bless America

A Division of Creative Labworks, Inc.


Jordan Board Games is a "Mom & Pop" type business, primarily to share our love of board games. Normally, we work each weekend for a few hours on this site and our inventory of games. It is a direct outgrowth of our personal collection of older board games and games we remember as children.  Our primary business is Creative Labworks, Inc.- a graphic design and specialty advertising business--promotional items, marketing, etc. 

The complete games found in our site are often "refurbished", meaning that we may buy multiple complete or incomplete copies of the same game.  We clean and repair the boxes and parts, combine games to get 1 or more complete copies, remove tape, stickers, ink marks, etc.  Over time, our inventory of  games has grown to over 1400 board games, toys and puzzles.  Many games are purchased and sit around for months until we get a moment to check for completeness and condition.  

In more recent months, we have begun to obtain great deals on new board games and puzzles.  We offer these at outlet prices both on this site and ebay  (Click on the ebay logo to the upper right of this page to see if we have any games on auction now.)

If you have any questions--e-mail us at

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