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(as of 1/21/09)
Note: provides these links to the Hasbro game and toy rules site for the convenience of it's visitors and board game enthusiasts. Clicking on the rules links below will take you to their downloads from their site. We are in no way connected with Hasbro corporation and are not responsible for the content or quality of the instruction scans. Contact Hasbro Customer Service if you want additional information.

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We are in the process of creating anchor points to the list with the letters below. Click on the 1st letter of the title of the game to go to that section. There are currently over 7000 game rules in this list.

For Quick Search:You should hit Control-F on your keyboard and type the game name in the Search window that appears (Apple-F on Mac).

Note that games are not always listed alphabetically by their exact title, but instead grouped by the main part of the game name. For example, Electronic Battleship will be found under "B" for Battleship - Electronic version, not under "E".

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