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This rules search service is FREE. Actual copies of rules from websites may be free or have a nominal fee.

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( - Board Game Rules subpage (this is our list of rules we have on file) - NOTE: that is a small "L" before the "15.html")

special link to all Hasbro website game rules - over 4000 game rules:

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Celebrate Festivus with the Rest of US - the Official Deskivus(TM)

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Hasbro has posted many rules for board games - past and present -
Please, click on the link
below to search their site:

Rules Search

Mattel Rules can be found here
(not always in our search results)

also, Darwin's Game Closet has copies of many game rules for a
small fee.

More Than Words: Song Lyric Trivia

Game Champs (UK)

Rules JoBoGames collection

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