Early age Games (1744 - 1880)

These games are very rare and will NOT normally be sold through this site, but instead privately to other collectors, through an auction or retained in our personal collection. If you have a particular Early age game that you are looking for, including incomplete versions or parts, e-mail us at Board Game Want List. We will put you in our "Games Wanted" database (off-line) and if a game on your list comes into inventory we will notify you prior to any placement of the game on auction or on this site. You will have 14 days to purchase the game before it is offered to the next person on that list or placed for general sale. Requests are placed on the "Wanted List" in the order they are received and potential buyers are e-mailed in the same order.

On occasion, we've seen foreign games available at this auction site: Hake's americana & Collectibles Online auctions
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