Details on Conditon of Games

Below is breakdown of how we grade our games. These are standard categories that have been defined by dealers and collectors of board games. This layout and information was taken from the book: "american Games - Comprehensive Collector's Guide" by alex Malloy - Krause Publications - 2000. The 1-10 scale has been added by us for quick reference.

We have found the following books to be a great resource for the collector-dealer

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Game Grading Guide Outside Box Inside Box Components Other 1-10 scale
Corners Edges Box Top aprons Build Ups Board Game Card Game Die Cuts Implements Instructions   overall score
Mint-Pristine - a game that shows no sign of wear Mint Mint Mint Mint Mint Mint Mint Unpunched Mint Mint Complete 10
Near Mint - a game that has been played just a few times with little actual wear or deterioration Slight wear Slight wear Superb - not noticeable Superb Superb Superb Superb Punched or Unpunched Superb Superb Complete 9
Excellent - a game that shows some stress but no discernable problems Definite wear Discernible wear Minor marks + very slight fading Ok Slight bowing Slight warping OK Board Signs of wear Card wear Punched Can show wear Can have slight creases Complete 7 or 8
Very Good - Still a collectible game but strong signs of use and deterioration.  Collectible in pre-1970 games Heavy wear Worn and one or two edges torn Minor pencil + pen marks. Some fading Bowing and wear OK Can be warped Heavy stress at folds Cards some slight creases Punched Show wear Slight tears acceptable Some minor implements can be missing 6
Good - a game with definite problems and wear.  Still very collectible in pre-1960 games Heavy wear and cracks Worn and separation Minor tears, possible fading. Marks Some split aprons but intact Signs of deterioration.Tears and creases Heavy stress at folds Cards with creases Punched Worn Xerox or copy instructions acceptable Some implements missing 4 or 5
Fair - Major problems.  Collectible in pre-1950 games Partially crushed Separation Tears, fading.Strong marks Split aprons + separation Partially crushed Close to separation Cards with minor tears Punched and many missing Worn and missing Partial or missing Many missing parts 2 or 3
Poor - a rough game.  Only partially collectible.  Collectible in pre-1940 games Crushed Separation Tears, heavy marks + fading Torn.Some separate + missing Missing or crushed Partial separation Tears and missing Most missing Broken or missing Missing Most implements missing 1

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