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Creative Labworks HOT DEALS
We currently have a number of products that although they may not be 100% perfect, they are still quite useful, and could serve a group with a limited budget. We call them BLEMS as they have cosmetic issues, and are not considered to be First Quality Items. The majority of these cosmetic issues DO NOT affect the function of the simulator, just the appearance. So, If you are looking for a Hot Deal, look at some of these PDF Product Sheets. All items listed are available in our online store, see the Hot Deal Button on this page.

Envision 2000 Series Sand & Gravel Simulator Kits*

Envision 4000 Series Septic Flow Simulator Kits*
None currently Available

Envision 1000 Series Rainmaker Simulator Kits*
Coming Soon, Some Items with Acrylic Repairs...
Big Discounts!

*All Blems are being sold AS IS. All simulators have been repaired and rebuilt. All Products have passed quality control for function and flow.

We may not be able to sell these as first quality items; but there is a lot of life in the products for a group that is looking for a HOT DEAL!

Simulator kits come with all parts and accessories necessary to run the simulator. All you need to add is water and electricity.

Envision 2000 Series
Sand & Gravel Simulator
Envision 3000 Series
Bedrock Simulator
Envision 4000 Series
Septic Simulator